All software and hardware products that make up the touchONE ecosystem



4.3" touch-screen workplace reservation interface

  • Plug & play reservation unit
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 4.3” active color LED illumination display
  • Projected capacitive touch overlay
  • Side and front located green/red status indicator
  • Compatible with MS Office 365 and MS Exchange
  • Booking extend and finish and other functions available
  • Many languages are available for user interface
  • Data concentrator required for every 100 interfaces
  • Single cable Ethernet connection with PoE
  • 802.1X authentication mechanism supported
  • Slim plastic enclosure
  • Edge-to-edge front glass
  • Tabletop, desk divider, or on-wall installation
  • Suitable for glass walls


The touchONE-4 is a wired reservation interface for desktop, desk divider, or on-wall installation. It offers a modern design with a black plastic body and a touch LCD display. It is the ideal booking user interface for any workplace. The unit comes with a dedicated booking application fully compatible with Office 365 and Exchange calendar servers.
The simple workplace interface connected to the network infrastructure offers an indication of the workplace status (green for free, red for reserved), space for table identification (name and QR code), and buttons for booking the workplace, extending the reservation, and leaving the workplace. In any case, a very compact and complex workplace solution can be obtained.
Each workplace has its own calendar and is identified by a QR code. Reservations are made using Outlook, a mobile application using a QR code, or directly using the buttons on the workplace interface. After making a reservation, the workplace is reserved in the relevant calendar and the interface changes its status to reserved.
One interface is used for each workplace and one data concentrator is required for every 100 workplace interfaces.
The connection via a single Ethernet cable ensures easy integration into the network. The unit is equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, which allows the Ethernet network cable to supply data and power supply.


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