Software & firmware

Download touchONE-solution and other software and firmware


Version: 3.0.2

Issued: 14.4.2021

The complete touchONE-solution is a server based complete reservation and management solution. It consists in back-end application, administration & analytics front-end application and reservation front-end application for web browser as well as mobile devices.

Version history
Cue Control Panel

Cue Control Panel is a tool for the installing and setting up of all software components used in the touchONE-solution.
SHA256 checksum: 162CF1C99AFBD51C87398550E2DB318F498991F6F71CE2C28FD8646220912BBF

touchONE-solution package

The package for offline install or offline update to latest version of touchONE-solution.
SHA256 checksum: 61EA12DBD30022306BC4E3E75B7DD68022DFFAA5E42824F7AE3495213FF6B356


Version: 23.02d

Issued: 14.4.2021

Latest firmware for all touchONE units.
SHA256 checksum: 56616A0CB6BA7225FEFDB56161E51FBC40936F60437CF3564C55CE04AFB1FD06

Cue Network Scanner

Version: 3.00.034

Issued: 17.6.2020

Cue Network Scanner is a simple, freely available utility for locating touchONE units in the network.
SHA256 checksum: 2523B9E487C762B12423999DE1DC4BFE02B1FCCC8B152F16DA213E716756ED7C

PowerShell script for FW update and certificate enrollment

Version: 1

Issued: 19.5.2020

This script allows you to set up 802.1X certificates in bulk on touchONE units or upload a latest firmware version to these devices.


Version: 1.00

Issued: 6.5.2019

Ready made XPL2 application for occupancy sensor integration using controlCUE-versatile (-d) or smartCUEversatile (-d). Sensors with dry contact output are connected to versatile ports. Easy web setup.