In front of the room
Interactive reservation panels
  • Intuitive user interface, Plug & Play solution
  • Integration with automation systems, calendar systems, occupancy sensors, QR codes
  • Complete customization of skins, fonts, colors, background pictures
  • Modern slim design, aluminium touch panel body
  • 4.3”, 7” and 12” panels, built-in or on-wall (glass-wall) installation
For the auditorium
Room status indication on a large display
  • Displays room status and event details
  • Clear modern layout
  • Plug & Play solution
  • Compatible with any display or projector with HDMI input
  • Based on touchONE-overview unit
In the reception or lobby
Room and event overview on a large-scale display
  • Summary of all rooms and meetings
  • Clear modern design
  • Plug & Play solution
  • Compatible with any display or projector with HDMI input
  • Based on standalone unit touchONE-overview in single room mode
MS Office 365 | MS Exchange | Google G Suite
  • All touchONE units work as direct client of calendar systems
  • Server - client encrypted communication
  • 802.1X authentication and Proxy Server support
Room occupancy indication
Occupancy sensors integration
  • People presence indicated on the reservation panel
  • Automated meeting confirmation with occupancy sensors
  • Possible to cancel meeting automatically when nobody is present
Room control integration
Simple integration with Cue System
  • Meeting information displayed on a control panel
  • Extending and finishing meeting from control panel
  • Automatically turning devices on and off depending on the room status
Central administration
Whole-system administration through web interface
  • General setup, room and unit configuration, room support setup, etc.
  • On-premises Plug & Play hardware and software in one box
  • No software installation
  • Intuitive web user interface
  • Compatible with all reservation panels and overview units
Analytics & statistics
Understanding your space needs
  • Reservation statistics & analysis for more efficient room usage
  • On-premises plug&play hardware and software in one box
  • No software installation
  • Built-in data visualization
  • Data export for using in popular software, e.g. Excel
Mobile application
Simple room reservation from mobile device
  • Personalized room reservation, organizer is a real person
  • Room identified by QR code
  • QR code generated and displayed on a reservation panel
  • Available for Apple iOS and for Google Android devices
Workplace booking
Solution for more effective workplace usage
  • Simple indication of workplace status
  • Reservation from calendar system as well as from a mobile device
  • Workplace identified by QR code
  • Reservation statistics for more efficient desk usage
Catering request
Simple way of ordering refreshment
  • Catering request sent directly from reservation panel
  • Simple definition of refreshment offer
  • Support of custom messages
Report room issues
Ask for cleaning and technical support quickly
  • Requests sent directly from reservation panel
  • Requests for cleaning service available
  • Requests for AV / IT and facility support available
  • Requests for room equipment support available
  • Support of custom messages
Multilingual user interface
17 languages available
  • Default language defined during setup
  • Language changeable by user
  • Other languages on demand